Neu Gaarz over time

The first mention of the Neu Gaarz manor house dates back to 1698. Around sixty years later, the simple manor house was transformed into the baroque building with its classicist structure. After a lively change of estate owners, the manor house was acquired by the horse lover Katrin Lohmüller in 2022 and extensively renovated.

New Owner
Katrin Lohmüller acquires the Neu Gaarz manor house. After extensive renovations and remodeling, the rental of vacation accommodations continues to pick up speed.
The manor house and outbuildings become private property and are temporarily used as an "art and culture colony domain Neu Gaarz", at a later time also as a hunting and fishing school.
Afterwards, it is converted into a vacation property.
The buildings have been empty for a long time.
The land became part of the agricultural business of Hohen Wangelin.
Beginn des 18. Jhd. bis ca. 1749
First a glassworks settlement, then the village of Neu Gaarz
The estate village Neu Gaarz probably originates from a glassworks settlement. The glassworks ceased operations in 1749. It was located between Alt Gaarz and Neu Gaarz approx. on the old country road.
of its name
In the beginning the farm was a subsidiary farm of the Gaarz estate, therefore it was called Neu Gaarz. A separation of the two estates probably took place only in the 19th century.
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